I-90 East

The drive from Seattle to the Tri-Cities takes three-and-a-half hours. I’ve probably done it a hundred times, but each trip I swear I see something new as the landscape shifts seemingly with every turn.

I made the drive home earlier in the morning than usual yesterday, and was treated to an incredible range of lighting, weather, and fog conditions crossing Snoqualmie Pass and into the Eastern Washington desert. Stopping on the side of the road for pictures seemed like a bad idea, so as soon as I arrived home, I sat down to try to quickly capture some of the moods that I could remember! Plenty of embellishments made, but I think I was able to stay pretty accurate to the overall lighting and mood of the drive.

I also tried out a couple of Mike Yamada's brushes for these, which were a lot of fun. That drybrush! https://gumroad.com/michaelyamada