Leopard DropShip Bridge
Mike mccain leopard new
Mike mccain leopard screenshot

Here's a screenshot of what our art team was able to do with this room based on the concept!

Here's a quick production concept I did for the Leopard bridge, where BATTLETECH's group conversations take place. And by concept I mean, entirely cobbling together the scene with existing elements from Joel's prior concepts. (Character paintings his.) One of my favorite things about production is trying to arrive at quick visual solutions where the image itself doesn't have to be sexy, as long as it communicates the right design ideas to the team. This kind of utility work doesn't get much attention but it is often the most effective way from point A to point B when you're facing down deadlines.

To see more of the art team's fantastic work on BATTLETECH: https://www.artstation.com/mikebot/collections/313881