ROCK Brushes - 14 Custom Brushes for Procreate 5


A set of 14 custom brushes I made for Procreate to quickly paint rock formations and rock-like surfaces. Now revised and expanded for Procreate 5, including Color Dynamics! 

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NOTE: I've designed these brushes for working on the iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil (or comparable pressure-sensitive stylus). They haven't been tested for non-pressure-sensitive work, or for working on a smaller iPhone screen.


MM Rocky Block — I use this to paint shapes that I want to have some texture and rough edges.

MM Rocky — builds up a bumpy, rock surface texture.

MM Rocky II — applies an abstract, rectangular texture. One of my favorites, I love using this to create rocky visual interest. (Great for the Smudge tool too!)

MM Rocky II (Follow) — a version of Rocky II that follows the brush direction. Great for painting sides of rock formations where there’s a clear directional flow to the shapes.

MM Rocky II Round— a variant of Rocky II that puts down rounded shapes. (Useful for ground.)

MM Cracks (Follow)— For shadow cracks in the hills, highlight ridges, and more.

MM Rocky Geo — A fun, more polygonal fill of abstract rocky texture.

MM Rocky III — Kind of like Rocky II with even more coverage.

MM Mounds — Mounds of dirt, hills, distant plateaus, etc. Pen-pressure determines how flat or tall the shapes are (harder = taller).

MM Hoodoo — For scattered rocky pinnacles ala Bryce Canyon. Or general vertical shapes.

MM Rocky IV — Another rocky scatter texture.

MM Rocky Rake (Azimuth) — A rocky rake brush, good for indicating more regular rock strata.

MM Rocky Lines H — rock faces tend to include some clear horizontal cracks and strata. I use this to quickly suggest those.

MM Rocky Lines V — rock faces tend to include some clear vertical cracks and shadows. I use this to quickly suggest those. 

Release Notes

Revised and expanded for Procreate 5! See included PDF for details.

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